Defensive Back Training

“DBT” is a necessary component of all successful pro Dback’s training. In this training, you will work on technique; from the tiniest details, to overall strategy as a defensive player. Hand placement, footwork, stance, and back peddling are a few things that will be covered. DBT allows you to take advantage of one on one attention with a pro-athlete, rather than team training where you don’t get as much attention. A custom game plan will be developed by your DB coach, that will help you reach your highest level of performance and will prepare you for competing with the best. This training will not ony help you to stand out amongst your team and in your city, but across the nation. During this training, we will target your weaknesses and your strengths, improving on both to make you a great defensive player. You will practice on skills that will make you better than the rest, no matter what level you’re playing on. You will separate yourself from the rest, in order to elevate above the rest.

Key points:

  • You should always come out of DBT feeling that you did everything possible to play at your highest level.
  • You have to be opened minded to change. There is nothing worse than wasting training time going back and forth with students over technique issues. Be coachable, and most important, be a great listener.
  • DBT takes a lot of effort and trust. Be prepared to look at the overall picture! It will be tough in the beginning, but you will see results in your play quickly.
  • What you put in is what you’ll get out.

Training Focus:

  • Stance
  • Footwork
  • Back peddling
  • Breaks on the ball
  • Zone coverage & man coverage
  • Press coverage technique
  • Off man technique
  • Catching the ball at highest point
  • Correct pursuit angles to the ball
  • Disguising your coverage

Before starting any training program, a skill assessment will be taken.

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Improve on your skill set by learning from an NFL veteran defensive back. Learn keys, drills, footwork, hand placement and reads.

Learn the techniques of how to properly run, be more explosive, more agile, and more importantly how to beat your competitor.

Learning the importance of how to maintain your footwork and remain in peak physical condition throughout season.

Learn what you can give your body to perform at its highest level and create a custom made nutrition plan that fits your needs.